one key truth we true Southerners hope the Yanks never cotton onto

26 06 2010

IzzieDarling has a point about Customer Service.

First, everyone (and I do mean Everyone), oughta hafta do a stint in food service, and in retail. Kinda like the thou-shalt-do-military requirements other countries have. IMHO, the world would be a much nicer place.

Second, there’s a natural order to the universe: it’s tough to have credibility playing the Nice card if you already trotted out your Mean card. Play Nice first. Then, if and only if it’s required, trump with the Mean card.

Thirdly, besides…. we true Southerners know how to cover anything in sugar.

Example: A dear Bostonian friend of mine is super-sharp, quick-witted, and delightfully snarky. LOVE her. She was remarking about how Wonderful X person was. Meanwhile, X person had just slain her with some sugar covered razor blades, and Bostonian friend didn’t even realize she was hemorraging blood from the damage. I clued her in. Now she calls me semi-regularly to replay conversations to see if she’d been Sugar’d or not.

Now ain’t that just the sweetest little thing you ever did hear? Bless her little heart.