coming soon to a screen near you

29 09 2010

Yeah, still here. Where’d I go? Nowhere in particular. Nothing unusually noteworthy to write home about, other than the usual cadre of many wonderful and exciting tiny details of everydayness.

I just went *poof* for a while. No reason.

Very moved and overwhelmed by some terribly kind words here. 🙂 *sniff* (The feeling’s mutual, Izzie Dahling…) And this WILL be passed on.

But not right this minute.  Right this minute off to the vet, for more meds for Leeloominai. (I can’t believe she’s tolerating a diaper for her ouchie coochie so well, I doubt I’d be so accommodating.)

Soon though. As in “coming soon to a screen near you”.

mercury rising

10 08 2010

For my friend, Delightful. Whose fur-baby, Mercury, I imagine MUST be like this in the mornings. My bat-shit-crazy feline 20 years ago sure was. Then again, we named her Phydeaux. She might’ve been offended, who knows.

Hey Delightful – Make sure you hide the sporting equipment.

(Thanks to Kiki— she found the magic cat guy, I’m merely repurposing it.)

she might LOOK cute…

6 07 2010

… OK, downright damned adorable, dammit.

But she ‘s being a nudge. She ain’t no Australian Cattle Dog, she’s a chicken dawg.

God forbid someone tees off. Oh, gee, 200 or so yards away.

I oughta push her fuzzy (and today very farty) butt away, but dammit, who can resist that face?

With as many dog pics that find their way out here, God help us if birth control ever fails and we end up with humanoid progeny. Oye.