to those that fall into the gap, I e-hug you

12 06 2010

No pic today, camera crapping out. Blame a pending solar flare. Everyone else is.

The random thought: Facebook needs a category for the “so-so” friends.

I found an old friend today on FB. And was damn giddy to do so. And I found a new friend today on FB. And was ALSO damn giddy to do that too. But what about the ones inbetween?

As in, you see someone you kinda-sorta knew in the past, or kinda-sorta know now, attached to someone you’re already friends with, but then there’s that third undefinable class that falls into the gap. So¬†for A) you generally want to say “hey, you were neat, I remember you! Howdy!”. Or you want to say something similar for that category B), only with future tense of course.

Long story short, either way you do want to reach out and give them a brief remembrance or new howdy kind of e-hug, but what about when in either case you also generally don’t want a lasting “friendship” commitment? That’s type C) In The Gap.

No real point, other than C is the middle ground gap between Friends, and People-You-Kinda-Sorta-Know-But-Still-Want-To-Spread-Some-Brief-Mojo-To.

So for those In The Gap, I e-hug you.

And that is all. Goodnight.