psychic heebie jeebies

9 07 2010

I distinctly had 3 people on my mind yesterday. They kept popping up all day.  Wait, scratch that– they were so persistently coming to mind that they were practically BUTTING IN. 

Every time I’d go to call, my phone would ring, so I managed to only leave one of the three a voicemail yesterday, figuring I’d catch up with them today somehow instead.

Wanna know what was up with those 3 yesterday?

  • One had a heart scare and ended up spending last night in the hospital. (She’s OK now, on her way back home.)
  • One was trying to reach me to tell me her ex-hubby (who she and her new hubby are still close friends with him and his new bride – they divorced something like 20 yrs ago, he’ll always be a “cousin” to me) has been diagnosed with a particularly crap-tastic form of cancer. (I swear it’s the same one my hubby’s mother lost her battle with 16 yrs ago.)
  • And the last one was having a birthday yesterday, unbeknownst to me. (sneaky sneaky, you can’t hide from me forever!) 

Um, wowsa.

So I might not be able to receive cell calls all that well at the house, but apparently the psychic receiver is at least better than smoke signals.

Let’s just hope my psychic broadcaster is working too, ’cause that cell signal still sucks asphalt through a straw.