80’s kids sing it with me now: sometimes it feels like… somebody’s waaaatchin’ MEEeeeee…………

28 05 2010

Let’s see. Most of the time Amazon’s recommendations are in a nutshell: wonked. Mostly because we just ordered some smack garbage as a gift for someone (The History of Monster Trucks! I kid…), or found some oddball thing that we viewed for sport (Wolf T-shirt anyone?) rather than because we were actually interested. (Pfft. Hush up. You know you do it too.)

But today’s “Recommendations”, were frankly kinda eerie.

Make your own conclusions:

· Anatomy for Yoga. (shocker)

· Reading Light. (Backstory: the exact reading light my newfound mastah-yogi-sistah-gurl so kindly gave me.)

· Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady. (Hey, wait a minute… fail = learning, in my book)

· Not Tonight Honey, Wait til I’m a size 6. (anyone else feeling bloated?)

· And Stones of the New Consciousness. (Wait, how do they magically munge two topics that have recently separately snared my attention?)

Amazon, me thinketh you’re watching me.

Either that, or I haven’t been buying many gifts lately.

For other people. <cringe>