ice cream utopia, in my dreams anyway

8 07 2010

There’s been much chatter on an email distribution list that I”m on lately, about local food, and such. One day was a plethora of emails expounding the virtues of ducks and duck fat.

Confession: Duck fat is crack. And yes, I swoon just thinking of it.

So check this out– I’m stealing adopting a quote:

“I often feel caught and suspended, between two worlds. One side is drawn to the decadence of haute cuisine, the indulgence in sumptuous traditions of foie gras and duck fat; while my other half is pulled towards clean, healthy, spare-the-animal, super food love.”

Um, yup.

Said quote was penned by She Who Invented The Ice Cream of My Dreams at Vosges. She has a blog too– go figure. (Plus the link is now on my blogroll.)

Forget the ducks, let’s get back to that Curry & Coconut devine bliss of an ice cream for a moment….

….. *sigh* …..

By the way, my other two favorite ice creams are Lavender. And Green Tea. No not at the same time, but maybe that’s not a bad idea. OH, and the FIG and BALSAMIC gelatto’s. That was swoon worthy too.

What’s odd to me is that I frankly never cared much for ice cream. Didn’t hate it or anything. Just kinda… meh. Whatever.

Even Ben & Jerry, while lovely, is still really just rehashing a too narrow palate for my tastes: Chocolate. Vanilla. Strawberry (or other child-friendly fruit, like say, oh: raspberry. *gasp*). 

Bor-ing. What are we, four?

Granted, you might run into the occasional Coffee, or some wacky eccentric might sneak some Pistachio in the bunch.  I wandered the aisles recently, and out of the 100 varieties, it seems ALL are some semblance of one of those 4 main flavors. Cram some jimmies or brownies or various other chunkage into it, and it’s still really right back where you were with the main 4. You can’t even get the Pumpkin ice cream but for about a week in November, and only if you happen to find a) the one Cold Stone that has it and b) who isn’t already sold out.

Surely I can’t be the only one bored with the 4. So what gives?

  • are our tastebuds lazy?
  • do we just not know what we’re missing?
  • are people too scared to try something other than A B C or D?
  • are the marketing guys petrified to offer anything unusual for fear it might not hit the sales figures for the quarter?

Gee. I guess I do like ice cream afterall. I suppose I’ve gotta figure out how to make some so I can get my lavender & coco-curry or the next undescovered delight.

Dang it, I really only wanted one scoop. (OK, maybe two if it’s coco-curry.)

choices, choices…

28 03 2010

Debating between making these or the raw apple cake.

Hmm. Maybe I should be thinking AND instead of OR.

broccoli cornbread – little bits o’ heaven

11 12 2009

Aunt Lois’ broccoli cornbread is in almost all of our family cookbooks that I’ve ever seen, but the below was pasted directly from an email to me from Tough Lady herself below, typos and all.    I was at the office, heading to the store on the way home, and had left the recipe at home but I knew she’d have it. What I didn’t realize was that she’d done this one so often that she was able to write the recipe from memory. I can’t imagine a holiday or a potluck without it (or bourbon slush for that matter, but that’s another day). Smell it baking, and I’m back on Buerkle Street.

My only mod/tip: melt the sticks of butter separately. One goes into the 9×13, the other goes into the batter. Oh, and her “cook til barely browning” translated into English means 350F for 45 mins.

Lovely stuff. Seriously. Plus it freezes well. I prefer it heated back up myself, rather than room temp. Must be all the butter.

Aunt Lois’s Broccoli Cornbread:

1 pkg frozen chopped broccolli

1 large onion

2 boxes of Jiffy

4 eggs (I think)

1 8 oz ctn cottage cheese

2 stickss butter

Melt butter in 9 x 13 pan.  Cook broccolli and onions til almost tender.  Drain well.  Mix Jiffy, cottage cheese and eggs together, add cooled broccolli/onion to mixture, then add most of the butter to mixture.  Pour into 9 x 13 with remaining butter in pan.  (I like the salted butter for this, we all fight over the edges where the butter has collected).  Cook at 350 til barely browning.  Don’t overcook.  Freezes well, if there’s any left.

for the *Joy* of it….

3 11 2009

… you know who you are.

Grandma Trede’s “tea cakes”:


pie, schmie– let them eat cake

22 10 2009

I’ve never been a big baker, but somehow fall hasn’t really started unless I manage to make some of this.

Hmm. Guess it’s time to get to the store and in the kitchen. Soon.


Ya gotta love the “kissin’ wears out, cookin’ don’t” recipe card. And “mother” is my maternal great grandmother.

Tough Lady Cooks – a possibly regular installment

5 10 2009

What doesn’t revolve around food anyway? So very many things in our world can be brought rushing back just by a smell, or a taste. Recipes are close to the heart, and often protected just as fiercely.

Well, poo. Sharing love only makes it grow. And since food is love in so many ways, I’m calling on the laws of logic to prove that sharing food is… well… sharing the love.

So there. Besides, somebody’s gotta make this stuff.

And send me a roll or two when you do. Call it “commission” for sharing the magic decoder ring. Or Tough Lady will haunt you.


By the way, that’s one pound of Pecans, and 1 Tablespoon of vanilla.

And we looked up “coffee cream” – no it’s not coffeee creamer, nor is it whipping cream, heavy cream, and it’s definitely  not Half and Half either. It’s Light Cream. Look for 18% milkfat on the side. Your candy will be a big runny pile of goo if you try to use anything less than 18% fat. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.