guilty as charged

1 03 2011


Started yoga teacher training in January. Found a site with loads of observations, some gave me a giggle — and I added to it a bit too:

  • Not wearing body lotion because it messes up your grip.
  • Barely recognizing your classmates fully clothed, or dry, or with hair/makeup coiffed.
  • Freezing in any environment that’s less than 80 degrees.
  • Realizing that Sanskrit no longer sounds foreign.
  • Buying underwear based on how quickly it dries, and if it will peek out whilst in a full forward fold.



3 responses

1 03 2011

ummmm, as if “Freezing in any environment that’s less than 80 degrees” is something new! I think not. Love ya’, miss my friend.

It’s a balmy 63* in my living room at the moment ~ being a tight wad about natural gas usage (favorite fuzzy jacket, check; favorite blankie, check).

1 03 2011

i suppose this is the difference between you and me. I feel hot at 80 and find the heat oppressive any higher than 85. 🙂

quick drying underwear is good in any environment! no one likes a sweaty bum.

6 03 2011

Jen – Swamp butt don’t do nobody any good. Maybe that’s one of the ever elusive Universal Truths.

Sneaux – Then again, 63 is just plain cold too. Get a snuggy. Pronto!

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