don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know

7 01 2011

Site stats. How many viewers, from where, how long, blah blah. They can make a desperate little crack whore out of a reasonably rational mind.

I ADORE the comment interaction. But I really don’t want to know about clicks. I vow not to look at any site stats for a month. I mean really, you don’t want to know either. All it does is make you twitchy.

So stop. Else you end up doing the twitchy junkie shuffle.



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7 01 2011

i have a stat tracker but i rarely check it. i don’t really care where people are coming from and how many of them are reading on a daily basis. i do want to get my follower count up…for the purely vain reason of wanting to meet 30 by my 30th. no rhyme or reason, just cuz. 🙂

8 01 2011

I follow, but not via the gooey tools, does that still count? 🙂

12 01 2011

“twitchy junkie shuffle” This actually sounds kinda cool. Is it like the electric slide?

14 01 2011

we should write a song—-! It’ll be the next big pop hit.

17 01 2011

Of course … all that is intended to drive us insane and who needs more insanity when there’s more than enough to go around? At least at my house. *mwah*

18 01 2011

True dat. Besides, what crazy person decided insanity has to be a bad thing?

4 03 2011
Charlotte J

I check my site stats at least once a day. I can become obsessed but I want to know “how I am doing” and what my readers respond to. I have my own “writing agenda” but I do take direction from what my readers want to read about. I have lots of topics, but my readers are very important to me, of course.

6 03 2011

I think I’d be on the same page if I had more than about 5 to 10 readers! Although maybe it’s because I’m a random poster, time-wise anyway. Doh! 🙂 I do post a pic-a-day at since the beginning of this year though, which has been remarkably fun.

And thanks for the comment!

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