slacker, nix that, GOLD STAR ME, BABY!

31 12 2010

Last year I had a helluva time at New Year’s. Was thinking of oye-f’in-vey mess that ensued in 2009, and all the heartbreak that went with it. This year, muy mo’ betta. Mother’s estate is all wrapped up, with a shiny bow. Just in time for the holidays. We can finally stop “picking the scab” of administrivia crap, and get on with the business of remembering warm cookie recipes, ridiculous stories, and generally healing enough so that happier memories can bubble up and elbow those last few icky bits to their proper proportion in equilibrium of All Things Mother.

So yeah, big fat exhale on my end lately. It’s allowed me to go into a whole ‘nuther flavor whirl of activity, after which my body tends to protest in the way it knows best: shut down.

As in, brain no-thinky, eyes no-blinky, body no-move-y. Heck, I haven’t even been on FB in over a week. *gasp*

So what’s next? I am already generally pretty good about living for “now”, and all that jazz, if I do say so myself. (yay me!) Of course there are always some things I’d like to do more of, or more consciously, in 2011:

· Love on my doggie.

· Move. (physically, not household, god forbid)

· Wash face before bed! (yeah, I suck at that)

· Kindly treat myself like a Third Party more often. (This includes a whole host of “being better to me” kind of stuff—better food, movement, rest, even be kinder to my hair! In general, just focus mostly on doing any and all of it with Kindness.)

· Ditto to hubby Lovey. 🙂

· Get up earlier, just for grins.

· Keep in better contact with folks. (I’m thinking about them, might as well let ‘em know.)

· Blog more. (Really. I just generally don’t know what to say, and there’s a whopping 5 of you out there watching.)

So yeah. Not terribly concrete I suppose, so hard to gold-star. But then again, I revisit this kind of thing about every month or so anyway, not just at New Year’s.

What the hell. Stickers can be fun. So there!

And doggie needs some lovin’. So there’s that too.

(PS– I’d give her a gold star anyday.)



2 responses

6 01 2011

Love it! And your outlook on this new year. Same as mine. It is/will be FINE.

7 01 2011

Dahlin’, you get a gold star in my book. So THERE!


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