last week by the numbers

3 12 2010

2584 – number of miles driven

130 – year old family house we found again for the first time in 25+ years

54 – average speed

47:18 – hours and minutes vehicle was on (and butt was in seat)

16.3 – average mpg

16 – insane relatives

7 – number of states hit

4 – different gracious households we hunkered down for an evening or two in

3 – number of ass chakras that have collapsed, one of each of us

2 – fantastically entertaining seats at the LSU/AR game

1 – itchy poochie sporting her cone and diaper, snuggie gift delivered, mayoral election victory party attended, duck calling contest in town, and finally…

0 – energy left after hitting the work week immediately following the above.

Enough counting for now. Got to work on that zero, and getting the edges rounded back off of the square butt from all that sitting.



5 responses

4 12 2010

Whew! I’m tired just from reading that list. Glad you didn’t count insane FRIENDS 🙂

❤ ya'

7 12 2010

I figured Innocent Until Proven Guilty, eh?

7 12 2010

that’s my story anyway, and I’m stickin’ to it. glad you liked the seats, and ditto on the Snow compliment

5 12 2010

That is some serious business.

P.S. Love the snow!

7 12 2010

Thanks, friend. I have no idea how I did that– I did it last year and now I’ve smooth forgotten. The snow was a surprise to me too this year. Doh!

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