you SAY you wanna….

12 11 2010

… but do you really wanna?

You want to lose 10 pounds. You want to learn a new language. You want to be an early riser.  You want to eat only locally. You want to save the puppies. You want.

again … but do you REALLY wanna?

Maybe it’s that you want to want to.  But you really don’t wanna.

Don’t get it? It’s just like that I want to like peanut butter. But I don’t. (Emphatically, irrevocably, undeniably, DO NOT LIKE.) But it sure would be convenient if I did.

Interesting food for thought from my master yogini goddess sistah gurl.

Something to chew on. And happy Friday, folks. Get out there and do something you REALLY want! (Just keep your peanut butter to yourself.)

It looks lovely, and danged convenient, sure wish I liked it.



4 responses

12 11 2010

i hate when things make sense like this. 🙂 because it’s so true. if i *really* wanted to do something, i would do it. dangit. assuming responsiblity stinks. ha ha.

12 11 2010

True dat. Ya gotta love it.

12 11 2010

Stay away from peanut butter, sistah – it doesn’t work for me, either. Happy Weekend

7 12 2010

Woot! Confession: I ate an econo jar of the stuff with a SPOON, chunky no-doubt, when I was wee bairn. Got violently ill. Can’t stand the smell of the stuff since. Other people get sick on Tequila. Me? Peanut butter. PB is my tequilia. Blech.

Crap, that was over 30 years ago. *sigh*

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