skulls are purdy too

31 10 2010

May your bones be strong, lustrous, and carry you gracefully through life.

Thanks, bones!

doggie would call, if only she had thumbs

27 10 2010

Is there a magic ratio of who-calls-whom, and how often?

Or is it that the younger one always has to be the one to call the older one? Family-wise, that is.

Mother never called. NEVER. But would get upset if you didn’t call every so often. But also upset if you called TOO often. *sigh*

The reason I bring it up, is because I see the same pattern starting with at least 5 “new” family members.

Then again, maybe they’re trying to tell me something, only I’m not bright enough to *get* it!

Sure would be nice if it wasn’t always a one-way street. Even just once. Maybe that’s why people have kids– grow yer own, so to speak.

Leeloo sure wants some lovin’ though. And that’s enough for now.

i a poo poo head

26 10 2010

I suck. I suck at receiving compliments. Maybe I’ll fill you in on that soon— maybe not. And I have been Taking Care of Stuff. Lots of Stuff. And peoples. Including myself. Licking wounds and such– Speaking of which….

Dunno if you watch Grey’s Anatomy or not, and frankly it doesn’t really matter, you’ll still get the point. Setup: Dr. Bailey, the hard as nails kick ass broad, was nursing some psychological wounds after a traumatic experience. She was describing it to someone as “being busy”. Holding herself Together with tape & glue. She was Very Busy. With the Tape. And the Glue.

Not only have I been Busy myself, but more than one person near & dear to me have been Busy too. Sorry to have gone MIA. Lots tape. Glue everywhere.

For now though, a random smattering as an offering:

  • Getting your eyelid caught in the zipper of your fleece is not advised. OW. Big, panicky, OW. Unzip BEFORE pulling over your head, not during.
  • There’s good money to be had in Plastic Surgery for Canines. A coochie tuck for your licking-obsessed furbaby will run you some major ching. We shoulda done it 2 months ago, and saved the equivalent expense in vet bills in the meantime. Stay tuned, she’s booked for 2 weeks from now.
  • I still don’t *get* Glee, American Idol, or Dancing with the Stars. Then again I don’t really *get* musicals either. Rather than a closet fan, I feel like I have to be a closet poo-poo-er. Blech. Just the thought makes my eyes roll involuntarily into my head, until the little eye muscles hurt & jerk ’em back downward.
  • Trader Joe’s Roasted Seaweed Snack looks like nasty green paper squares, but DAMN it’s addictive. Go figure. And this, from a kid that grew up land-locked where the idea of Seafood consisted of Red Lobster 60 miles away (if you were lucky 1x/yr), or the local catfish fry. OOH, better yet: the crappie you caught down at the reservoir! (Bonus points if you pronounce crappie correctly.)
  • I finally flinched and signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training next spring. WTF am I getting myself into? Oye, I don’t know squat.
  • Desperately want to find a gymnastics gym in town for GROWNUPS. Just a tumbling run would suffice, but if there was a place that has a foam pit I think I might pass out from giddiness.
  • As much as I would NEVER want to live in the middle ages (= dirty people in search of a shower, no thanks), I enjoy the hell out of the Renaissance Festival every year. (?) Yeah, I can’t explain it either.

That’s a pretty disjointed list. My vata must still be outta wack. (Say THAT 3x fast….)

Meh. Enough for now. MUCH MUCH more in the hopper. But thinking it’s time for a beer. Got to wash the seaweed out of my teeth anyway.

Then time to fetch more tape & glue.


5 10 2010

Oh, if only they knew just HOW nutty.

If only.

management potential

4 10 2010

Assistant #1 decided to promote herself to Supervisor. Well, when it doesn’t interfere with her napping of course.

Next thing you know, she’ll be wanting to take over the boss’s window office.

assistant #2

4 10 2010

Have a new assistant. Although she’s a temp, she’s already mastered her key duties.

just a swaaanginnnn….

1 10 2010

Hangin’ & (kinda sorta) readin’. Trying real hard not to have that crappy song from the early 80’s get stuck in my head. And I don’t even LIKE country music. <shudder>

Sending happiness to sugar darling friends headed to see Franti tonight.

Contemplating all kinds of stuff. My Vata must be outta whack again.

But what a great place to contemplate, eh?

Toodles. I gots me some thinkin’ to do. (maybe a nap first, just a wee one)