new and improved, not just for Fridays anymore

20 08 2010




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21 08 2010

Ooh how did you do this cool post? I LOVE pictures with circles and scribbles and comments. I also love your water bottle. And your coffee cup.
And the HP12C takes me back!

23 08 2010

It’s the Snipping Tool that’s built into Win7. LOVE it. You can “mark” on it with your mouse, but I have a tablet so it’s far easier to use the pen.

The water bottle is a very similar image to my tattoo– it’s a Keith Haring thing. He was an activist/pop-artist from the late 80’s.

I ADORE my 12c. Reverse Polish Notation, anyone? 😀

26 08 2010

I was wondering what the Snipping Tool was, in my brand new MSFT Office Win7 software package that was provided to me by a lovely lady who shall remain nameless but never forgotten. Now I must play with it.

4 10 2010
management potential « one tough lady lives on

[…] Next thing you know, she’ll be wanting to take over the boss’s window office. […]

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