mercury rising

10 08 2010

For my friend, Delightful. Whose fur-baby, Mercury, I imagine MUST be like this in the mornings. My bat-shit-crazy feline 20 years ago sure was. Then again, we named her Phydeaux. She might’ve been offended, who knows.

Hey Delightful – Make sure you hide the sporting equipment.

(Thanks to Kiki— she found the magic cat guy, I’m merely repurposing it.)




One response

11 08 2010

TOTALLY MercuryKitty. I saw this a while back and laughed my butt off, it’s so accurate. Except, instead of using a bat, Mercury walks across my hair (thus, pulling it painfully) and, when that doesn’t work, starts CLEANING my hair, using his claws to really get at the scalp. That usually does it.

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