31 08 2010

that’s MRS. Melanzane, if you please

27 08 2010

If love were a sandwich, it would be this one.

The Melanzane. From Dominics in Waltham, MA.

I think even Lovey wouldn’t kick me outta bed for leaving crumbs, provided he got his own sammich of course. Otherwise there might be a rumble.

bliss indeed

26 08 2010

I *heart* Yovana.

How can you beat freshly made yogurt with blueberries, raspberries, and funky crispy bits?

If only there was one in town Outside of the airport.

If only.


24 08 2010

…come together with your friends…. SAAAAAVEEE meeeeeee……

(OK, enough Soundgarden for now)

Confession: it’s no real secret, but I am a gal that is swayed by good design. I lust after it. Unwittingly, I missed my calling as a product designer. I tried the graphics/art/architecture route, but found it lacking, not realizing (or not being bright enough to notice) that people have to design the wondrous everyday objects of our lives.

I’m completely enamoured with my water boiler. But that’s a post for a different day. And I’ve already expounded some of the virtues of my mostest favoritest tea maker.

But today—it’s the spoons. The tiny ones. I put the kindle there for perspective, as well as the “normal” cutlery spoon & fork (which I also adore—Yamazaki Hafnia, if you must know. They will NOT bend with hard ice cream and they feel wonderful in your hands… makes even a crappy meal downright delightful but I digress…) Where was I? Oh yes. The wee spoons.

Tiny. Delicate. But yet not fragile. Makes a lovely light tinkling noise when you stir things, but still not being poofy about it. Plus, speaking of ice cream, they’re perfect for the teeny tiny 1/4 pints of Ben & Jerry’s. And at a whopping $5 for 6, good design definitely doesn’t equal lots-o-cash. I’ve had ‘em for nearly a year, and still, every time I pick one up I nearly want to invent an excuse to use them.

Hmm. I think it just might be time for some ice cream.

new and improved, not just for Fridays anymore

20 08 2010

one last thing

18 08 2010

It may not appear so at first glance, but this is the best funeral song, EVER.

All my life, she always said she wanted to go out with a brass band. Those aren’t easy to come by in the middle of a rice field, so the best we could come up with was an impromptu boombox, graveside, with a little Gladys Knight & the Pips.

Why, you ask?

Every spring cleaning, she’d hard-wax the wood floors, put me on an old wool army blanket, and sping me around on the floors to buff ’em, with old Motown blaring.

So last year, this came on in a random shuffle, and the dam broke. And there it was.

Holy hell, she would’ve LOVED the boombox-funeral bit. Use your imagination, and you can see her grinnin and swinging me around. Shiniest floors, ever.

Anyone else wanna wax some floors?

just another lap around the sun…

18 08 2010

me and momma - circa 1976-ish

… makes the sky a little brighter.

And no, it’s not my birthday. 🙂

(Yeah, I know, I know. I disappeared again. 😦 But only for a little while.)

It was all coming to a head one year ago. One year ago this past Saturday, One Tough Lady passed away. And one year ago today, we buried her.

Last year on my birthday is when she “spilled the beans” that she was sick, so between 7/15 this year and now, I’ve somehwat been reliving all of it, day by day. Even though I knew I was, I’ve been burrowed deeper into the fog than I realized I guess.

Earlier today, that fog that I was mostly unaware of this past month… lifted. In what seemed like an instant. I stopped dead in my tracks, for no reason. Not upset, just ginormous Pause button. And wouldn’t ya know it, it was about 2p, which is about exactly one year later, to the minute, of when we buried her.

I’m beyond awed of the quiet a swarm of friends stealthily surrounding me this month. I’m not sure I noticed it at the individual moments, but I’m so full of gratitude to have found such fantastic people– everywhere. From the nice stranger in Office Depot’s parking lot, to friends old and shiny-new, and to my poor taken-for-granted hubby this past month– there’s been a lot of love goin’ around. I tried to find the words to express my gratitude for that last year, but they still fall short of doing it any justice.  

No big reveal, or pithy moments, or dialog. So I feel… well, I dunno. Maybe it’s just that: I FEEL.

That’ll hafta do. (And I’m good with that.)

mercury rising

10 08 2010

For my friend, Delightful. Whose fur-baby, Mercury, I imagine MUST be like this in the mornings. My bat-shit-crazy feline 20 years ago sure was. Then again, we named her Phydeaux. She might’ve been offended, who knows.

Hey Delightful – Make sure you hide the sporting equipment.

(Thanks to Kiki— she found the magic cat guy, I’m merely repurposing it.)


9 08 2010

Sweet people leaving a sweet surprise treat makes returning from vacation… um, sweet!

almost ready to come up for air…

8 08 2010

…but not quite just yet.

Soon, though. I promise.

In the meantime, sharing this little pearl. It’s stuck with me all week, and my bet is that it’ll stick with you too.