u has my nomz

30 07 2010

Day 1 of vacay. Delightful deck time. And yes, I held Leeloo’s bone to get her to look my way. And no, I have no shame- she’s plenty catered to, thank ya vurrry mush.

95% done packing for upcoming uber yogi week. 99% sure there are too many of X clothes in my bag, and too little of Y clothes.

Sad side note: Mr. Geauxgirl just read to me from the paper that firefly populations are down worldwide.

Thank heavens the ones in our yard can’t read.

Until next time: Peace, Love, and Fireflies…



6 responses

31 07 2010

Reminds me of the quip “your so ugly yo mamma put a steak around ya neck so the dog would play with ya!”

Of course, that doesn’t apply here. Just rememerin 🙂

Have a blast on your trip!

10 08 2010

Hee. I’d forgotten about that one!

31 07 2010

We have TONS of fireflies in our backyard and neighborhood…maybe the populations are down because too many kids are forgetting to release them from the mason jars used to catch them? 😉

Have fun on your trip!

10 08 2010

Do kids even catch them anymore? I’m always tempted to do that myself too… 🙂

2 08 2010

G – once again, we have some kind of sameness – I taught yoga for 10 years – can’t wait to hear about your week. Used to love those, very cocoonish. Love, love, love fireflies … just saw some a couple of weeks ago. Thinking about you/anny … all good things. peace out, namaste, later…

10 08 2010

EERIE, dahlin. Eerie, indeed. 🙂 Wowsa.

And yup, it was a bliss bubble. What flavor yoga were you particularly fond of?

Every time a firefly lights up, I inexplicably can’t help but think “pick me! pick me! I’m sexiest– my butt is brightest!” (*snort*)

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