Dear John, er… Summer

25 06 2010

Dear Summer,

We need to talk.

First, let me say it’s me, not you. And you know how much I adore you. Poems are written. Daydreams are had. Delightfully warm days, lazing about, watching the heat waves shimmer off the water.

But lately, you’re stifling me. I can’t breathe. What was so warm and enveloping has become a burning desire to escape. You’re driving me away, towards the indoor air-conditioned sterility, and neither of us wants that.

So please, before someone gets burned, let’s take a small breather.

I beg you not to go far though… I only need a little space. Yes, I confess that my head can be turned by a little air-conditioning. But you and I both know that about 10 minutes after I have to put on a sweater inside due to overzealous a/c’ers, I always come running back to your warm embrace.

You’ll always be my favorite. I’m a Summer girl, through and through. But please, just for one day, stop smothering me. I’m begging you.

Warmly forever yours,





3 responses

26 06 2010


26 06 2010

So even the girl that laughs at me when I say it’s hot here is HOT?! Yay! I’m not such a wimp after all. 🙂 Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go jump in a mtn creek. Bliss!

27 06 2010

I KNOW! I feel like such a traitor to my roots! Park your car in the sun without those foil things put up in your window? Fuhgeddabout it. We’d scuttle and dash from a/c car to a/c house to a/c office to a/c store. “Thou shalt not be outside in daylight, what are you slow or sumthin?” You’re risking a literal 2nd degree burn when you got back in.

We’d NEVER even consider that it was even possible to roll down your windows in your car between June and September, godforbid actually sitting outside for a drink after hours, and in particular NEVER have the top down on a convertible if the sun was even an inch still up over the horizon.

But I’ve gotten kinda used to those things. And dammit, I like ’em.


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