get your own highlighter, whydontcha?

17 06 2010

My deliciously quirky Mema had a *thing* for self-help books. Of all kinds. From Nostradomus (sp) stuff, to the pre-Martha (godforbid, insert her trademark here) domestic goddesses of the 50’s, to even a how to please your man pamphlet from the 40’s that I ran across while going through everything before Mother’s Estate sale. (Now THAT, is worthy of a post of it’s own. HI-LAR-ious, I tell you. And kinda creepy. The pamphlet, I mean.  But I digress.)

In any case, combine her self-help fetish with a slight passive-aggressive streak, and you’d come home to find various and sundry books, with bookmarks and highlights strategically placed on your bed, car, etc.

Gee, Mema. Trying to tell me somethin’, are ya? *sigh*

The best had to be the little late 80’s Nancy Reagan era Just-Say-No propaganda number she’d scavenged up somewhere. Finding that bugger had to be no easy feat, being that we lived in a town whose population is still to this day smaller than my now current subdivision. (A great place to be, but at the same time it’s a little like living on an island– since everything has to be “brought in” from elsewhere. Except rice.)

It took me about a month to figure out why she thought I needed THAT particular missive. It wasn’t until mother came to me gingerly, wringing her hands, all concerned about some razor blade they’d found in my car.

Um, heh? OHHHH…. Sheesh. Settle down. I scraped the AARP sticker that Mema had on the car window before it became mine. (Tip: An AARP sticker doth not attract the eye of young squires. And if it does, then I’m skeered of dem boyz. Talk about Cubs after some Cougars, yowsa.)

The point of this little trip down memory lane, is that I just fired off a few copies of books to a couple far flung friends.

They weren’t self-help books, nor were any passages highlighted. Each reader can find their own bits that stand out for themselves. The book was merely a choice I enjoyed the hell out of, and I thought they might too– so I wanted to share. I’m cognizant enough to be super grateful that I don’t have to choose between doing that, and buying groceries or paying the light bill.

I even threw in a summer CD mix (confession: or TWO. There were too many good songs, I couldn’t cut back to fit on one CD.), just for grins. Why the hell not?

So I guess I’m channelling Mema a bit.

Minus the passive aggressive streak.

I hope.




6 responses

17 06 2010

i want a copy of said summer mixes. 🙂

17 06 2010

oh, and my mother does the same thing…or used to. when i first left our religion, she would send me pretty cards with a sweet note jotted inside and a folded up piece of paper. Said paper was a photocopy of some speech given by an important church leader – and she would highlight the good parts that dealt with all the hell and damnation due to me for leaving. Thank GOD she doesn’t do that anymore!

19 06 2010

Hee. Mema wouldn’t even bother with the note. It was like some mysterious fairy would conveniently continue to drop pre-marked self-help books in my path.

And you bet, on the mixes.

20 06 2010

muah! What a nice BSC surprise that the UPS man brought Friday! I just started “The Host” (which may take me a while at the rate I’m going) but can’t wait to dive into my “new” one next 😀

23 06 2010

What’s “The Host”? Do tell….

25 06 2010

It’s by Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series, about souls being implanted into humans (as well as other species on other imaginary planets). In it the protagonist is one of the last humans who was able to hide out and avoid implantation. Then when she is caught and gets a new soul, she is strong enough to let it not take over completely. I’m only about 100 into 600+ pages. It’s a slow start, but becoming a little more of a page-turner (just not enough yet to keep me awake into the wee hours because I can’t put it down).

And, yes, I admit to reading the Twilight series (just in this past year) and LOVING it. Don’t figure you for a Twilight kinda’ girl, but didn’t think I was either. Katie left it and insisted I read it and I recommend same to you 😉

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