choices, choices

10 06 2010

Will be late for bookclub, doing group dog training (lovey has her right now) because madame queen fuzzy butt tends to try and eat the face of any dog that dares to politely try and sniff her butt hello. She’s starting to get Crotchety Old Woman tendencies and we can’t have THAT.

In the meantime, I’m also playing phone tag with my master yogini goddess sistah gurl, although I don’t know how in hell I’ll be able to hear her over the roar of the whitewater.

Also have actually remembered to bring my kindle for once, but I think I’d rather just sit and watch the brazen get tossed from their ww rafts.

Plus I have a fresh beer.

So there’s that.




2 responses

10 06 2010

I missed bookclub, too. Family duties, you know. Sitting at the WW park sounds pretty nice as well. 🙂 happy thursday.

11 06 2010

Heck, ya coulda held down the rock with me. And OMG, it was entertaining to watch them play in the ww. I had the PERFECT locale.

Miss my friend!

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