7 06 2010

I’ve been remiss about posting lately. (cringe)

Don’t know if it’s the blank page that stunts me, my ever-growing right brain tendencies, the extreme busyness of the last month of our fiscal year, or just plain lack of imagination. (Notice that I did not cite laziness as an option. Hush yo mouf.)

So what’s a gal to do?

I’m entertaining the idea my friend Delightful has been pursuing: a pic a day.

Or thereabouts.

So today, we need to take the boat out for a little regularly-scheduled-maintenance, and figured a quiet sunset may as well be on the menu too.

Even while grateful for a little quiet time, my (left) brain churns on all that I could be doing instead. *sigh*

But then I look up and see a kid grinning his head off tubing behind some decrepit pontoon boat, and I know all is Right With The World.

Almost, anyway. Wish you were here.




4 responses

7 06 2010

that looks nicer than where I currently am…camped out on my couch. 🙂

ps – heard a report on NPR that the world is shifting to a more right-brained emphasis to be successful…so maybe you’re just ahead of the curve!!

8 06 2010

Was thinking of you yesterday, friend!

8 06 2010

Love the vantage point!

11 06 2010

LOVE me some lake time!

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