balance, schmalance

25 05 2010

I never figured myself for a balance freak. Sure, I did gymnastics as a kid (a min of 2 hours a day, EVERY day, eight on weekends) but I despised balance beam.  But now that I’m all-growed-up, apparently I have a *thing* for balance. Wakesurfing, Yoga, Slacklining, plus throw in a little Indo-board and um, heh? For cryin’ out loud, I’m even obsessed with balancing ROCKS. Turns out I’m a balancin’ fool. (Meanwhile my friends are saying Nice Grasp of the Obvious there missy.)

But really, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as balance.


Think about it– you’re either too far in front, or too far behind. If you try to find the finite spot that is the perfect balance, boom, over you go. But if you keep moving– a little more this way, a little more back the other way– you find “balance”.

Hmm. So maybe Balance exists. But isn’t a Thing. It’s a state of motion.

Or maybe it’s hiding under the label of Harmony. Today I might be too much of this, and tomorrow I’ll be too much of that, but as long as I keep crossing over that midline back and forth I hope I can find that finite moment in there, even if it’s only for a split second.

Whatever its name, I guess I better keep moving if I’m gonna find it then.

*yoga pic: By the way, no my feet aren’t that cartoon-ish, I’m proudly sporting my Vibram Five Fingers. Rock on, fellow VFF’ers! (The rest of you know you want some.)



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25 05 2010
Marya Summers

I was doing yoga yesterday in the park (blogged about it today) and it had been a while. When we started doing the balancing poses, I found it really tough. Balance takes practice, that’s for sure. But is it really one of movement? Or one where movement actually stops for its duration? If that’s the case, does that mean we stop progressing when we’re balanced? Something to chew on!

27 05 2010

Hmm. I think it’s lots of tiny movements that eventually (when done well) become imperceptable. A dead person isn’t able to balance on one foot, even if you stack them perfectly. Who knows? Isn’t that the fun part though? 🙂

26 05 2010

Geaux, good – I like this very much. Balance is a state of mind, to me. Yoga is a great indicator of interior balance … whenever I can’t find my center and am falling everywhere, that means I need to get off the mat and have a personal time out/calm down. Glad you wrote this. Thoughtful!

27 05 2010

Thank ya. And ditto! Except that I find that ON that mat. Weird, huh?

26 05 2010

I like the idea that balance is a state of motion. Just when I think I have something resembling balance, I fall right on my ass. So…I need to keep moving.

27 05 2010

SO SO SO TRUE! Indeed, our bodies – and our brains – are static-averse. Forcing ourselves to stay in one place and not be in motion, hurts us. Also, for me, the more i try to *not* fall on my ass, the more I find my ass on the ground. Funny, that.

27 05 2010

Hee. Yeah, every time I try to hang onto it, it’s gone. Maybe we find it when we’re just going about our lives rather than actually LOOKING for it. Then again, there’s always the Indo-board here anytime you’re game for a little challenge…. 🙂

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