where in the world is geauxgirl?

11 05 2010

OK, I just realized I haven’t posted in a while. So the random thought dump shall commence:

  • Belize was faboo. Already posted a wee bit about it, but I’m sure there’s more to say. 🙂 Still finding random bits of sand, which always makes me grin. Go stay with our friends there– www.akbol.com
  • I have stuff to mail to friends (physical snail mail), but can’t seem to find boxes to fit.
  • Finally flinched and bought a Kindle. Loving the thing, now if only I could have more than 10 mins at a time to read. Looking forward to some free time, maybe in July or August?
  • Went to AZ for 2 days of Sales Readiness meetings. I hadn’t seen the majority of these folks since August 2008, so it was “old home” week for me, catching up with everyone. I really do get to work with some of the most fantastic people ever.
  • Lovey flew to AZ just after the conference ended– his Uncle lives there, and we did all kinds of running around: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, the #1 ever built Microsoft Store, a little margarita making lesson for our hosts, plus a day at Sedona.
  • Missing my local yoga peeps terribly, so much travel means I haven’t been there in what feels like ages.
  • Fourth quarter (fiscal) is upon us, and I’m feelin’ it.
  • Much laundry commencing today– a quick overnight jaunt to Boston is in my future this week. Looking forward to trying to squeeze in seeing SOMEbody, somehow or another. So there.
  • And Saturday is the Dragon Boat Festival here, I’m competing on a team for the 3rd year in a row.

In the meantime, Leeloo is having a farty day. Oye. Thank heavens I don’t have a lot of con calls, as it’s always tough to not either a) fuss at her, b) laugh/snort uncontrollably, or c) both. Hmm. Maybe I should load up on something that gives me “the wind”– and pay her little fuzzy butt back in kind.

If only we had some cabbage, garlic, and mass quantities of mentos, she’d so be IN for it….



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11 05 2010

I might have some boxes to fit. What sizes are you needing?

11 05 2010
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