soak in it

1 05 2010

I found out earlier this summer, as a long-lost relative was relaying a story that my Mema (that’s my grandmother, translated for you non-southern types, and my partner in crime for much of my mischief as a wee bairn—plus had she been gone before I was born, they’d swear I was her reincarnated, but back to the point….) was a big fan of setting the alarm earlier than needed, just so she’d have extra time to “soak in it” in the morning. Well crapola, I’ve done that nearly my whole life. There’s nothing better than snoozing in bed in the morning, and especially when you know you’re snoozing. *sigh*

So this morning as we were yet once again the last ones to leave yoga class, a light bulb came on: We’re soaking in it. (Besides, isn’t that one of the key points of savasana?) We’re always the last ones to leave the movie theater too, come to think of it. Maybe we’re in slow-mo, but it seems everyone is rolling up their mats or and grabbing their popcorn before the lights are even on. Like Bugs Bunny: Exit! Stage Right! Zoooommmm……

Try it. You got there. You enjoyed it. Now soak in it a little. I bet your Mema would approve, I know mine would.



2 responses

1 05 2010

I set two alarms. The first one goes off, and I know I have twenty minutes more in bed. It’s lovely. I’m not usually the last one out of the theater, but I’m definitely in the last wave.

1 05 2010

We always set alarms earlier than we need to get up. Something a bit naughty and delicious about getting back into bed after it goes off the first time.

We’re usually the first ones out of the theater. Unless there are funny scenes scattered throughout the closing credits.

I need to get better about soaking it in…

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