sticks. yes, we grow sticks. get over it.

28 04 2010

It’s colder than normal. So we had to bring the plumeria in. They’re very unique plants—succulents, generally pretty hardy, but not so good below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. They start off super green, but as they get bigger, they develop stretch marks… (sound familiar? Not that I would know. *I’m just askin’, you know, maybe in case you were familiar.) …that end up crusting over and becoming a kind of tree-bark, strengthening the base and making it so that these things can turn from luscious succulents, into actual STRONG trees. Nifty, eh? And what a metaphor if you want to go deep and all that jazz.

Now if only real stretch marks actually strengthened you. Not that I know personally of course.  See *note* above.

But I digress. Back to it:  Someone asked us once: “what are those things you’re growing, sticks?

Um, YEAH. No, they’re not terribly common, but still, who hasn’t heard of a Hawaiian lei? Right now they’re sticks. But they’ll have gorgeous green waxy leaves soon, and then sprout a whole host of 5 petal-ed lovelies.

So yes, we grow sticks. HAPPY little sticks. Residing in my kitchen overnight.




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