Heinz 57

25 03 2010

I’m a mutt.  Vanilla, white-bread, maybe even beige: mutt.

Let’s see, I’d say 50+% is Germanic heritage, the other ~49% is a melange of Scottish and English, with a little Cherokee Indian thrown in. (So one of the ancestors took a walk on the wild side, how daring!) All that adds up to what? Right: mutt.

I’m OK with that. Really. I’ve had the unspoken privileges of being generically white in this unfortunately still very much racist country (not the point of this topic, so hold your comments and keep reading please), so seriously, no complaints.

Having every Lufthansa flight attendant, and every German shopkeeper automagically assume I’m German does give me a giggle (and I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.), but with the exception of making Kielbasa every year (it’s just sausage, people) I certainly didn’t grow up with Leiderhosen or anything else that I can specifically recall that was German, despite the name of my hometown and it’s heavy German ancestry.

I only mention it because we attended a World Cup Soccer “friendly” game last night (kinda like an exhibition, it doesn’t “count” in the rankings & such) between Mexico and Iceland. And LAWDY, it was ON. We walked quite a distance from our cars, and were wondering just how far we’d walked, as somehow we ended up in Mexico, complete with all the delightfully over-the-top lights, noise, and general chaos that comes along with it. Between that, plus that we were walking with some new friends who have a distinct other ethnic identity of their own, it made me realize that I’ve often missed out on having a specific “culture” to call my own.

Then again, maybe my vanilla-ness will allow me to be a culture chameleon. So what the hell: 3 years of highschool/college Spanish won’t go to waste, right? (Donde esta el bano? Uno mas cervesa, por favor. Vamanos. Las luces apprendias, pero nadie esta en casa. See? I’m practically fluent!)

You can bet your churros that last night this little white girl from the country was just a wee bit Mexican.

Ole! Ole! Ole!


(Post Script: Hey wait, maybe I’m more German than I think– HEINZ 57 is what I had originally chosen for the title. Besides, I hear it’s a very versatile all-purpose sauce, probably good on multi-ethnic food choices. Still, pretty sublminally German just the same though, huh? 🙂 Tchüss!)



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