nancy reagan would appreciate the irony

16 03 2010

I always thought Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” was a little bat-shit crazy. But in this case, maybe it works. In any case, surely it’s not just me that sees the irony.

Finally broke down and went to see a doctor yesterday. Got a little light pneumonia/bronchitis hell still kickin’ around. Wheezy, light headed, coughing, yadda yadda. Just plain tired, now with the bonus of an elephant on my chest. Result is I’ve got antibiotics (which I was trying to avoid, which is probably why it’s gotten this bad) plus I’ve refilled a basic steroid inhaler. So I’m officially on the mend, aided by the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. But drugs/meds/whatever isn’t the point.

During the “family history” gathering time of the exam I got hit with “anyone in your immediate family have a history with cancer?” Ugh. Wow. I’m not sure why that came as such a surprise question for me, it’s not like I’ve never been to the doc before, right? Sheesh. Shake it off, geauxgirl. But ALSO, not the point. 

Call me strange, and just stating pure raw facts: I don’t think a parent developing lung cancer after having smoked for 45 years, plus having lived in the middle of a farm for eons too (hello crop dusters with scary chemicals) really says diddly squat about my genetic predispositions, do you?

So that was the point. I actually think the little tidbit of info ended up being a big red herring, making an accurate diagnosis take even longer, as then we have to have a little “convo” about it to explain the Outlier away. 

Oye. I know I still need to talk part of it out, and I’ll get there, but not with the doc-in-a-box at the local Urgent Care walk-up facility.

Maybe next time I’ll Just Say No.



2 responses

16 03 2010

Any time I go to the “girl dr” and I’m asked if anyone has had breast cancer, I tell them my grandmother did. The Dr immediately gets that sharp look, and asks, “How old was she?” 80. Dr immediately relaxes. If she got to 80, I shouldn’t have too big of a risk…

Same with you. Yes, cancer can be genetic, but it can also be environmental. I wouldn’t worry too much, if I were you (which you obviously aren’t, on that note). Different choices, different life.

17 03 2010

this is what bothers me about most doctors. they have a bunch of little questions to ask and boxes to check off but they usually don’t then ask follow up questions. the cancer q & a being the perfect example.
i went in for what i thought was a pinched nerve, but because of my stupid insurance, needed a referral to a chiropractor if i wanted it covered under a co-pay. based on my “symptoms” – the doctor started ordering a battery of tests for MS. Never once did she think to say “has anything changed in your day-to-day recently?” When I finally did get to the chiropractor ($3000 later), the first question she asked was about day-to-day. Turns out my new desk job and the way I was sitting was pinching a nerve. Problem identified and solved.
dumb doctors. anyway – that was a tangent…but related right? 😉
just say no indeed.

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