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8 03 2010

It’s only been a week, but I feel like I haven’t blogged in a month.

So what’s happened lately? Let’s see–

Last weekend was Baton Rouge for papa-in-law’s birthday shin dig. “The Marquis” turned 60 70.

I got the cooties. Sicky-sick. Fever until Tues/Wed. Still coughing up a lung, but if I’m not contagious since Wed, I feel like I’ve gotta get OUT there. Had to cancel some long-overdue (and much anticipated) friend outings. (Which means now I’m looking forward to them.)

Saw some work-friends from far & wide on Thursday that I haven’t seen in absolute ages. Introduced some yankee folks to the wonder and glory that is the deep-fried-pickle.

Boat auction this past weekend. Nearly bought a boat, but it was sold out from under us, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the wake wouldn’t have been what we wanted afterall.

Attended my first roller derby, & sat with some of the “regulars” on the floor right near the action. Decided my rollergirl name would be Bits & Bytes Me. Friends’ names would be Sli-GRRRR, The Marquis de Lay’emFlat, and Daniel-STUN. Bonus points: Little girl (about 3 maybe?) in the front row with a very mod angular haircut, med blonde, with lots of pink in her hair. And not the temporary kind of pink either. Mini-goth kid, uber cute, and doting parents. So much more entertaining than 2.2-kids-and-a-dog. What an amazing person that kid will grow up to be.

Slacklining yesterday, with firepit aftermath. Wonderful friends who giggle & play & fall & do it all over again.

Settled a place for my stained glass upstairs, complete with hanging a mod line and a spiffy lightweight curtain to catch any glass splinter overage.

Lots of momma stuff done: Let’s see, Car Sold. Estate Sale done. House closed. New a couple weeks ago: 99% of the medical bills paid. (This was a HUGE WIN, lemme tell ya. Talk about agonizing, but that’s a post for another day.) Letter off to the one med bill we don’t owe but they keep telling us we do. (No, get your $14K from the insurance co. We’ve hit our stop loss long before you even submitted the claim. Now shoo.)

Lots of momma stuff still to do: Taxes. Farm bits. Did I mention taxes? (oye)

Did a little bit of photo scanning this past week again. Looking for a photo program– mostly to tag & sort them. (Any ideas anyone?)

House is a mess, still coughing up phlegm and a 2nd lung, haven’t vacuumed in at least 2 weeks (doggie still refuses to vacuum even though it’s her hair that’s clogging up the place, little diva), dust a plenty, lots of work-work to do, want to catch up with everyone via phone but still have the sketchy voice for now, needing some yoga in a fierce kind of way as soon as the cooties clear a bit more, feeling a little overwhelmed by the lists, needing to schedule & book some travel, and generally missing everyone terribly. 

But the sun is out. The birds are singing. And I’m making progress. 

But first, maybe a little more Mucinex & tea cocktail.




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8 03 2010

Get well soon! I’m sad we’ve had to keep postponing our lunch. Can’t wait to see you!

Also – you sound like the most productive person ever. The only thing I’ve done in the last week…watch movies and whine about missing my husband.

9 03 2010

I’ve heard Picasa is good for photo sorting, although I haven’t been able to get into it. Plus, it’s google, so…

You could try posting on a private blog – that would give you tagging capability. Either here (wordpress) or I use photoblog for my picture a day. Not sure if photoblog has private capability, but I think it does.

10 03 2010

Delightful– I found a FANTASTIC photo tagger/sorter/whatever. And free. From, I downloaded Windows Live Photo Gallery. They have a great blogging tool Live Writer that works with wordpress, and other flavors of blog too. Faboo.

Jen– not all of that happened in one week! Well, the momma stuff anyway. The rest of it did though—

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