choices, choices…

28 03 2010

Debating between making these or the raw apple cake.

Hmm. Maybe I should be thinking AND instead of OR.

Heinz 57

25 03 2010

I’m a mutt.  Vanilla, white-bread, maybe even beige: mutt.

Let’s see, I’d say 50+% is Germanic heritage, the other ~49% is a melange of Scottish and English, with a little Cherokee Indian thrown in. (So one of the ancestors took a walk on the wild side, how daring!) All that adds up to what? Right: mutt.

I’m OK with that. Really. I’ve had the unspoken privileges of being generically white in this unfortunately still very much racist country (not the point of this topic, so hold your comments and keep reading please), so seriously, no complaints.

Having every Lufthansa flight attendant, and every German shopkeeper automagically assume I’m German does give me a giggle (and I do mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.), but with the exception of making Kielbasa every year (it’s just sausage, people) I certainly didn’t grow up with Leiderhosen or anything else that I can specifically recall that was German, despite the name of my hometown and it’s heavy German ancestry.

I only mention it because we attended a World Cup Soccer “friendly” game last night (kinda like an exhibition, it doesn’t “count” in the rankings & such) between Mexico and Iceland. And LAWDY, it was ON. We walked quite a distance from our cars, and were wondering just how far we’d walked, as somehow we ended up in Mexico, complete with all the delightfully over-the-top lights, noise, and general chaos that comes along with it. Between that, plus that we were walking with some new friends who have a distinct other ethnic identity of their own, it made me realize that I’ve often missed out on having a specific “culture” to call my own.

Then again, maybe my vanilla-ness will allow me to be a culture chameleon. So what the hell: 3 years of highschool/college Spanish won’t go to waste, right? (Donde esta el bano? Uno mas cervesa, por favor. Vamanos. Las luces apprendias, pero nadie esta en casa. See? I’m practically fluent!)

You can bet your churros that last night this little white girl from the country was just a wee bit Mexican.

Ole! Ole! Ole!


(Post Script: Hey wait, maybe I’m more German than I think– HEINZ 57 is what I had originally chosen for the title. Besides, I hear it’s a very versatile all-purpose sauce, probably good on multi-ethnic food choices. Still, pretty sublminally German just the same though, huh? 🙂 Tchüss!)

good tea

21 03 2010

You talkin’ to me?

alcohol kills everything

18 03 2010

Yeah, I’m tired. Veeerrry tired. But alcohol kills germs, plus queso is a miracle drug.

Besides, good amigos don’t hurt either.


rock on

17 03 2010

Remember these?

Yep, still standing. Crazy, huh?

it’s about time. period.

16 03 2010

The folks at Kotex are damn funny.

AND smart.

Who knew?

nancy reagan would appreciate the irony

16 03 2010

I always thought Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” was a little bat-shit crazy. But in this case, maybe it works. In any case, surely it’s not just me that sees the irony.

Finally broke down and went to see a doctor yesterday. Got a little light pneumonia/bronchitis hell still kickin’ around. Wheezy, light headed, coughing, yadda yadda. Just plain tired, now with the bonus of an elephant on my chest. Result is I’ve got antibiotics (which I was trying to avoid, which is probably why it’s gotten this bad) plus I’ve refilled a basic steroid inhaler. So I’m officially on the mend, aided by the wonders of modern pharmaceuticals. But drugs/meds/whatever isn’t the point.

During the “family history” gathering time of the exam I got hit with “anyone in your immediate family have a history with cancer?” Ugh. Wow. I’m not sure why that came as such a surprise question for me, it’s not like I’ve never been to the doc before, right? Sheesh. Shake it off, geauxgirl. But ALSO, not the point. 

Call me strange, and just stating pure raw facts: I don’t think a parent developing lung cancer after having smoked for 45 years, plus having lived in the middle of a farm for eons too (hello crop dusters with scary chemicals) really says diddly squat about my genetic predispositions, do you?

So that was the point. I actually think the little tidbit of info ended up being a big red herring, making an accurate diagnosis take even longer, as then we have to have a little “convo” about it to explain the Outlier away. 

Oye. I know I still need to talk part of it out, and I’ll get there, but not with the doc-in-a-box at the local Urgent Care walk-up facility.

Maybe next time I’ll Just Say No.

adios to one more ben franklin

10 03 2010

One c-note doesn’t go as far as you might think. Better than $250 at VW or $210 at Napa though.

Thank heavens we know our way around the business end of a screwdriver.

Now if we can just eek out a bit more time on the mammoth tv bulb, else we might have to start selling organs.


10 03 2010


[in-ur-shuh, ih-nur]

1. inertness, esp. with regard to effort, motion, action, and the like; inactivity; sluggishness.

2. Physics. the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity along a straight line so long as it is not acted upon by an external force.


I’ve been moving and going (and going and moving) straight since last July when we went to France, and then of course all of the stuff with mother that followed immediately thereafter. Even to the point of traveling 3 out of 4 weeks in January. I had a trip in February too, but for the most part I’ve been able to coast to a gentle crawl and catch my breath for a moment. (If you count ignoring all the stuff that’s backpiled up at the house, which frankly I’m still woefully behind on.) I even slowed down enough that the cooties finally caught up to me, and I’m now finishing up coughing up my second lung.

But now I really do need to get moving again. But all I really want to do is sit still, close my eyes, and be. Not for a day. Not for a week even. More like a year or more would be a nice start. But I also know that’s not good for me either (I’m doing my talk-to-yourself-like-you’re-a-third-party thing here), and a little bit of steady forward progress would probably be the best medicine. I’ve been the hare, I need to woo my inner turtle.

For now, inertia’s a bitch. Even though I know what I need to do, and once I’m going, inertia will again be my friend, but it’s just the Getting Started that’s killin’ me. I guess I’ll have to light a fire under my own ass.

Where’d I put those matches?

slowly slowly

8 03 2010

It’s only been a week, but I feel like I haven’t blogged in a month.

So what’s happened lately? Let’s see–

Last weekend was Baton Rouge for papa-in-law’s birthday shin dig. “The Marquis” turned 60 70.

I got the cooties. Sicky-sick. Fever until Tues/Wed. Still coughing up a lung, but if I’m not contagious since Wed, I feel like I’ve gotta get OUT there. Had to cancel some long-overdue (and much anticipated) friend outings. (Which means now I’m looking forward to them.)

Saw some work-friends from far & wide on Thursday that I haven’t seen in absolute ages. Introduced some yankee folks to the wonder and glory that is the deep-fried-pickle.

Boat auction this past weekend. Nearly bought a boat, but it was sold out from under us, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as the wake wouldn’t have been what we wanted afterall.

Attended my first roller derby, & sat with some of the “regulars” on the floor right near the action. Decided my rollergirl name would be Bits & Bytes Me. Friends’ names would be Sli-GRRRR, The Marquis de Lay’emFlat, and Daniel-STUN. Bonus points: Little girl (about 3 maybe?) in the front row with a very mod angular haircut, med blonde, with lots of pink in her hair. And not the temporary kind of pink either. Mini-goth kid, uber cute, and doting parents. So much more entertaining than 2.2-kids-and-a-dog. What an amazing person that kid will grow up to be.

Slacklining yesterday, with firepit aftermath. Wonderful friends who giggle & play & fall & do it all over again.

Settled a place for my stained glass upstairs, complete with hanging a mod line and a spiffy lightweight curtain to catch any glass splinter overage.

Lots of momma stuff done: Let’s see, Car Sold. Estate Sale done. House closed. New a couple weeks ago: 99% of the medical bills paid. (This was a HUGE WIN, lemme tell ya. Talk about agonizing, but that’s a post for another day.) Letter off to the one med bill we don’t owe but they keep telling us we do. (No, get your $14K from the insurance co. We’ve hit our stop loss long before you even submitted the claim. Now shoo.)

Lots of momma stuff still to do: Taxes. Farm bits. Did I mention taxes? (oye)

Did a little bit of photo scanning this past week again. Looking for a photo program– mostly to tag & sort them. (Any ideas anyone?)

House is a mess, still coughing up phlegm and a 2nd lung, haven’t vacuumed in at least 2 weeks (doggie still refuses to vacuum even though it’s her hair that’s clogging up the place, little diva), dust a plenty, lots of work-work to do, want to catch up with everyone via phone but still have the sketchy voice for now, needing some yoga in a fierce kind of way as soon as the cooties clear a bit more, feeling a little overwhelmed by the lists, needing to schedule & book some travel, and generally missing everyone terribly. 

But the sun is out. The birds are singing. And I’m making progress. 

But first, maybe a little more Mucinex & tea cocktail.