kickin’ glass and takin’ names

23 02 2010

Best. Tools. EVER.

Oh momma lady, you were soooooo missing out. Morton’s glass cutting system rocks. This took maybe 10 minutes to cut, and half of that was learning the plastic-y bits and an unfamiliar cutter.

Watch out Lovey, you’ve got competition: I think I’m in love.



4 responses

24 02 2010

Craig is going to love seeing this.

24 02 2010

It’s funny – when I look at this picture, all I can see is a face. To the right of the ruler-looking-thingy, there’s the red tool – that’s the lips. Follow it up – the long blue piece is the nose, and the left eye is a blue square.

24 02 2010

cool! and, yeah, definitely a face there

24 02 2010

Damn. Now I see a face. 😛

Although I already see a frowny (but cute) face in the little red doo-hickie. (to the right of the bar thing–)

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