heart of glass

10 02 2010

Blondie’s 80’s pop hit optional.

The backstory about the Heart of Glass–

Mother did stained glass. That’s a given. And I dabble. So inheriting her scads of un-cut stained glass was a passing-of-the-torch bright spot in all this Estate settling crap. I had to cut some of the 2′ x 3′ sheets down into smaller pieces to be able to transport it effectively from her house to mine, a 12 hour drive away. Getting down to business, I grabbed a cutter, and got after it. About six hours of cutting. And yeah, I found a couple of pieces of glass that were pre-cut for some long-forgotten pattern, but they were all odd shapes of course. But overall, out of about 700 pounds of glass, I found maybe 5 or so pre-cut weird shape pieces.

Too, red glass is rare. It’s expensive. Far moreso than other colors, reason being is because the thing that makes it red is actual GOLD that’s added during the manufacturing process. It’s also more brittle than other colors, and therefore less forgiving when cutting.

So long story short, about 20 minutes into what turned out to be 7 or 8 hours of cutting, I found the heart.

Thank ya momma lady. I *heart* you too.




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11 02 2010

starting a project?

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