happy accident

27 02 2010

Alarm clock on Eastern time, a yoga class on Central time, means cafe au lait and beignets time at Coffee Call.

A yogi breakfast it ain’t, but it sure is a bit of bliss.

kickin’ glass and takin’ names

23 02 2010

Best. Tools. EVER.

Oh momma lady, you were soooooo missing out. Morton’s glass cutting system rocks. This took maybe 10 minutes to cut, and half of that was learning the plastic-y bits and an unfamiliar cutter.

Watch out Lovey, you’ve got competition: I think I’m in love.

got peeps?

18 02 2010

Everyone should be so fortunate to have wonderfully bat-shit crazy friends who send you random care packages.

Geaux sox!

18 02 2010

Is it spring yet? Pretty please?

keel da google!

18 02 2010

First, let me preface this by saying that I was one of the first 3000 people to ever get a gmail address. (Now if only I were one of the first 3000 to buy their stock, then I’d be telling a different story, and from a very tropical location to boot.) This was loooong before I joined my current employer, who shall remain nameless, where google is a 4-letter word. As time has passed I was relectant to fully drink the kool-aid (I’m stubborn that way and like to make up my own mind, thankyaverymuch) but this one DID it. It’s official: Keel da google. 

Big brother is here, and he is us. Google has broken wire-tap laws with this one. This is plain frightening. Buzz? Um, no. BuzzKILL is more like it.

One comment: “Regardless of whether a user clicked the button labeled ‘Sweet! Check out Buzz’ or “Nah, go to my inbox,’ Google Buzz was activated,” the complaint says.

And OMG, this comment slayed me: …others could find themselves listed publicly on Buzz because they are in someone else’s address book. Regardless of how private YOUR email program is, if you email with someone who has gmail, you could end up listed as a “follower” on that person’s Buzz account. Therefore, not only is this an invasion of those gmail account holders, it is an invasion into the privacy of us all.

Wow. Just wow.

How to disable Buzz (aka operation BuzzKill) is below. (Well, as off of it as possible anyway.) But first, a little humor, courtesy of our friends over at Pearls before Swine:

Operation BuzzKILL (how to disable the Buzz):

When you log in, tell it you do not want to test it out. But it still activates you automagically, so then when you get into your e-mail, you need to select the Buzz on the left menu list by the inbox, etc. You can then tell it to turn off, and then they bring up another screen where you can disable buzz and also check a box to remove yourself from anyone else’s buzz list and clear out any profile info they may have automagically populated on you from other information they’ve gathered. The buzz link no longer shows up in the menu list anymore.

So yup, all that stuff takes care of YOUR end. HOWEVER, from the comments thread, it looks like that if you’ve ever sent an email TO someone’s gmail account, FROM ANY of your email addresses (your gmail or your work or your yahoo, whoever), then you show up on THEIR Buzz. And you can’t do a danged thing about it.

Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil”.

My ass.


Post script here: The scope.

heart of glass

10 02 2010

Blondie’s 80’s pop hit optional.

The backstory about the Heart of Glass–

Mother did stained glass. That’s a given. And I dabble. So inheriting her scads of un-cut stained glass was a passing-of-the-torch bright spot in all this Estate settling crap. I had to cut some of the 2′ x 3′ sheets down into smaller pieces to be able to transport it effectively from her house to mine, a 12 hour drive away. Getting down to business, I grabbed a cutter, and got after it. About six hours of cutting. And yeah, I found a couple of pieces of glass that were pre-cut for some long-forgotten pattern, but they were all odd shapes of course. But overall, out of about 700 pounds of glass, I found maybe 5 or so pre-cut weird shape pieces.

Too, red glass is rare. It’s expensive. Far moreso than other colors, reason being is because the thing that makes it red is actual GOLD that’s added during the manufacturing process. It’s also more brittle than other colors, and therefore less forgiving when cutting.

So long story short, about 20 minutes into what turned out to be 7 or 8 hours of cutting, I found the heart.

Thank ya momma lady. I *heart* you too.