22 01 2010

I have a book with me I haven’t gotten much of a chance to open yet, I flipped to the middle just kinda randomly, and the below showed up.

Laugh until you snort….

        Crying only a little bit

        is no use. You must cry

        until your pillow is soaked!

        Then you can get up and laugh,

        Then you can jump in the shower

        and splash-splash-splash!

        Then you can throw open your

        window and “Ha ha! Ha ha!”

        And if people say, “hey,

        What’s going on up there?”

        “Ha ha!” sing back, “happiness

        was hiding in the last year!

        I wept it! Ha ha.”

                    –Galway Kinnell, “Crying”



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28 01 2010
*snort* post-script « one tough lady lives on

[…] 28 01 2010 The timing of the *snort* post was eerie. But not for me. Apparently that one was meant for me to SHARE. (For more than one […]

9 03 2014

Monday: Thanksgiving – Write in regards to a least three things you might be truly thankful for with your life. This could be in the form of a monetary reward or non-monetary one.

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