still standing

9 01 2010

A dear friend had ridden 900+ miles with me from AR to my current hometown a few days after Tough Lady’s funeral. I’d stacked/balanced a few rocks then, while she and I were out in the yard talking about how it was too bad she’d never gotten to see us here before she passed.

Today is the Family Preview Day for her Estate sale back in AR, so my mind is wandering back there a lot today.

Those rocks were stacked 1 week shy of 5 months ago.

I look outside, and whaddya know: they’re STILL standing, storms & winds be damned.

And so are we.

Howdy right back at ya, lady.



5 responses

9 01 2010

yes, we are ~ love ya’, mean it.

working on pics shortly

24 02 2010

Rocks update: We’ve had 40+ mph winds, plus about 3 or 4 snows now, and they’re STILL standing– it’s nearly the end of Feb.

17 03 2010
rock on « one tough lady lives on

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4 04 2010

3/31/10: The top one is down, but the pillar itself is still standing. Bizarre. I wonder how long the pillar will last— stay tuned….

25 05 2010
balance, schmalance « one tough lady lives on

[…] a little Indo-board and um, heh? For cryin’ out loud, I’m even obsessed with balancing ROCKS. Turns out I’m a balancin’ fool. (Meanwhile my friends are saying Nice Grasp of the […]

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