yes, I WAS avoiding you

5 01 2010

No, you weren’t paranoid. I did go underground for a bit. Incommunicado. A figment of your imagination. As in these are not the droids you seek


With all the changes this year, and it being the first holiday without Tough Lady, I expected the holidays to be, er… difficult. And yep, they were. But I was kinda braced/prepared for that.

So what was it that I wasn’t prepared for? New Year’s. Just exactly how does the biggest stress-free party night of the year make me a teary mess? All the reflection that the change of a year brings is what really hit me like a ton of bricks.

So yeah, I wasn’t answering your calls. (The collective you, that is.) But I did love seeing them come in. Like a mini electronic hug.

Don’t fret though, in my hibernation, poor lovey has been the best hubby a gal could ask for. He keeps me fed, among other things, plus without saying a word makes me realize I’m not completely orphaned afterall.

Damn, I wonder if he’ll pass me that box of tissues.




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5 01 2010


5 01 2010


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