*snort* post-script

28 01 2010

The timing of the *snort* post was eerie. But not for me. Apparently that one was meant for me to SHARE. (For more than one of my peoples, you know who you are.)

Get it out. Laugh. Cry. Laugh some more. Turns out, you find your strength only when it’s tested.


22 01 2010

I have a book with me I haven’t gotten much of a chance to open yet, I flipped to the middle just kinda randomly, and the below showed up.

Laugh until you snort….

        Crying only a little bit

        is no use. You must cry

        until your pillow is soaked!

        Then you can get up and laugh,

        Then you can jump in the shower

        and splash-splash-splash!

        Then you can throw open your

        window and “Ha ha! Ha ha!”

        And if people say, “hey,

        What’s going on up there?”

        “Ha ha!” sing back, “happiness

        was hiding in the last year!

        I wept it! Ha ha.”

                    –Galway Kinnell, “Crying”

still standing

9 01 2010

A dear friend had ridden 900+ miles with me from AR to my current hometown a few days after Tough Lady’s funeral. I’d stacked/balanced a few rocks then, while she and I were out in the yard talking about how it was too bad she’d never gotten to see us here before she passed.

Today is the Family Preview Day for her Estate sale back in AR, so my mind is wandering back there a lot today.

Those rocks were stacked 1 week shy of 5 months ago.

I look outside, and whaddya know: they’re STILL standing, storms & winds be damned.

And so are we.

Howdy right back at ya, lady.

Leeloo still no can haz cheezburger though

6 01 2010


Turns out Leeloo is a minor celebrity of sorts, she’s been featured a couple times not only on the “upcoming” section, but now twice on the main page itself on icanhazcheezburger.com.

Next thing you know, she’ll be lying around all day sleeping and waiting on us to feed her. 


All from www.icanhazcheezburger.com

yes, I WAS avoiding you

5 01 2010

No, you weren’t paranoid. I did go underground for a bit. Incommunicado. A figment of your imagination. As in these are not the droids you seek


With all the changes this year, and it being the first holiday without Tough Lady, I expected the holidays to be, er… difficult. And yep, they were. But I was kinda braced/prepared for that.

So what was it that I wasn’t prepared for? New Year’s. Just exactly how does the biggest stress-free party night of the year make me a teary mess? All the reflection that the change of a year brings is what really hit me like a ton of bricks.

So yeah, I wasn’t answering your calls. (The collective you, that is.) But I did love seeing them come in. Like a mini electronic hug.

Don’t fret though, in my hibernation, poor lovey has been the best hubby a gal could ask for. He keeps me fed, among other things, plus without saying a word makes me realize I’m not completely orphaned afterall.

Damn, I wonder if he’ll pass me that box of tissues.