pining for the underground lair

15 12 2009

December 15 Best packaging. Did your headphones come in a sweet case? See a bottle of tea in another country that stood off the shelves?

I am SUCH a sucker for good design. Whether it’s packaging, or the item itself, or whatever. I always kind of knew it on some level, but being that it’s been pointed out to me many times this current year I didn’t realize how ingrained this *thing* was in my psyche.

I started out with a major in art/graphics/architecture, but when hubby’s mom got sick, I flipped through the catalog and figured out what I could graduate in fastest with what credits I’d banked so far, but even so, my need for a design *fix* is pretty much with me always. LOVE me some Dwell magazine. (Rant: Seriously, why are Americans so stodgy with their housing and furniture designs? Aren’t we supposed to be all hip and modern? Seems like everyone’s afraid if they stray too far from Norman Rockwell type design, that it’ll take a hit on resale value. Sad, so very very sad.)

It’s not about more, it’s about better. And better doesn’t mean the most expensive or elaborate.  Clean lines, modern design, great tactile feel, multi-taskers, elegant (not too busy)– plus great aesthetics are always a winner in my book.

Some examples:

headlamp– not just for spelunking anymore

simple, but elegant, hard-top convertible – plus it won’t completely drain the bank

And of course, Lego’s, Keen’s, butter bell’s, a good bottle openermy favorite wine opener (teflon coated worm, brilliant), fantastic wrap, best yoga pants— the things I see and use daily tend to slowly be replaced by that wonder of where wonderful-use marries brilliantly with design-goodness.

I kinda blame James Bond movies. I couldn’t wait to see the villain’s underground lair– the gadgets were cool and all, but the lair was why I was watching in the first place. (It still is, but don’t tell Lovey that…)




2 responses

15 12 2009

i always love the stuff you pick out – i wish i had an eye for design like that!

ps – if you ever feel like building a modern house, i happen to be married to a man itching to build one. 🙂

16 12 2009

hmmmm, don’t think the Keen link is quite what you intended, LOL

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