fortune-less or fortune-full, deja-vu

10 12 2009

At dinner last night, I got another fortune cookie, sans fortune.

It’s happened to me 4, maybe 5 times in the past few years—frankly, I’ve kinda gotten to where I’m not all that surprised about it and somehow find it comforting. But apparently no one else at the table has ever had that happen to them. I’d written a post about it the last time it happened but the original blog I posted this to has gone *poof* into wherever blogs go to when they cease to exist– fortunately (ooh, a pun?), I had sent a screenclip to someone of it, which I still had, which is below.

BTW, you’d be surprised at the lack of info you can find on it—trust me, I’ve looked.

So does this happen to you too? Or is it just me? What do you think about it?



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