now that’s one smart doggie

8 12 2009

day 8 challenge: Moment of peace. An hour or a day or a week of solitude. What was the quality of your breath? The state of your mind? How did you get there?

For those of you new to my journey, a little background: my mother had a quick (and ultimately futile) battle with cancer over the summer. At one point in Sept, I ended up spending a solid 2 weeks at her house, just me and my poochie, Leeloo, 900+ miles away from my current home. I kept normal business hours during the day (THANK you technology, and being fortunate enough to have the kind of job where highspeed+cell=workfromanywhere), and at night I went through documents and papers from as far back as 1942. (counter checks! written in pencil. *gasp*) My goal was 100% of papers to be dealt with on that trip, be it photos, bank statements, love letters, or otherwise.  Every night I burned 2 to 3 banker’s boxes full of trash-able docs in the burn barrels behind the house, and I probably brought home at least 10+ boxes of “keepers”. (The oldest was from 1890-something though, I kid thee not. But I digress….)

Oddly enough, I think those two weeks of no t.v., and very little distractions (come to think of it, little-to-no music either for that matter) broke some sort of cycle I wasn’t aware even existed. Each morning, my alarm clock was the crop dusters. Surrounded by nothing but soybean and rice fields, it was me, my Leeloo, and a houseful of silent history. I learned more than I ever knew I didn’t know, without even trying. Plus I realized that my mind is actually a lot quieter than I gave myself credit for. (Ya gotta love that.) You’d think that under what should be more stressful conditions being *in* it there, that it would be the opposite, but the irony is: now that I’m back in my “own” world, my mind is spinning back up, and chattering away. Go figure. 

But I look at Leeloo, and I swear she gives me the *eye* letting me know that she remembers the quiet. And because of her, so then do I.




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9 12 2009

now you’re ’bout to make me cry

9 12 2009

i think we would all benefit from a week or two of being unplugged from our normal lives. slow down, breathe, be.

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