day 3 challenge – most memorable article

3 12 2009

I can’t think of a most memorable article offhand, but I do recall several years  back a bit on NPR’s All Things Considered that stuck with me: Commentator Andrei Codrescu provides a sinister, funny view of airline passengers roaming airports searching for juice for their laptops and other electronic equipment, moving like vampires hungry for blood. He is one of them.

For some reason I thought of it today, but you can be sure I think of it every time I’m in an airport. And my guess is if you had heard it, you would too. However, to my surprise, when I went to find the link to include here, I found it’s from 2002 so the link to actually listen to it is gone, but the description gives you the gist. Seven years later and I still find it bubbles up into my mind on occasion. Well done, Mr Codescru. Well done.

Vampires at the airport. True ‘dat.




2 responses

3 12 2009
Mr. Bits

I was that vampire this week… And I can’t believe I heard it live 7 years ago.

4 12 2009

I’ve been that person too, but now it’s with my iphone because I play games on it the whole flight and have to rejuice once I hit the ground again.

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