day 2 challenge – best restaurant moment

2 12 2009

Short and simple: the gelato at Za-Za’s in Little Rock, outside, on a warm summer evening. An unexpected treat in the midst of complete personal chaos.

Typically they have lots of the standard gelato fare – chocolate hazelnut, creme brulee, etc. But the kicker THAT day was that I was torn between fig, and balsamic. Yep, you read correctly. That’s fig or balsamic gelato. I’m practically swooning just thinking of it. Plus getting to sample from my fine friends who all had differing opinions.

So what did I order, you ask? Let’s see… remember Joey Tribbiani on Friends with his debate between which was better– girls, or jam?

Yeah. I echo his answer: Put your hands together. 





2 responses

2 12 2009

Wait wait…so you had fig & balsamic gelato? That would certainly be an interesting taste…but you know what? Anything I’ve tried that you recommended has always been absolutely delicious. So if i’m ever in Little Rock, I will be sure to try some weird gelato flavor. 🙂

6 12 2009

even as I sit here freezing, some of that gelato would still be awesome right now

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