Love you too

15 11 2009

Just when you think you get a handle on things, just a little bit I mean, then something knocks you off your ass. I’m not kidding myself—of course you know eventually SOMETHING will, you try to tell yourself that maybe you’ll get lucky and be the one that sails right through, but then again you’re not surprised when the surprise happens, even though it’s a surprise. (still with me? 🙂 )

So I’m sitting here this morning, getting all wrapped around the axle about bills, attorneys, delays, dramas, unexpected developments at the house, and despite putting in 150% but generally still feeling like I’m doing about a 3/4 job at each of my two wildly different lives.

So with tea in hand, on a whim I take a half a second to read the fresh postsecrets that are updated every Sunday morning. These two were one right after the other. Um, wow.

OK OK. Thanks for the message, Tough Lady. I get it. Somehow it’ll work out.

for the *Joy* of it….

3 11 2009

… you know who you are.

Grandma Trede’s “tea cakes”: