Tough Lady Cooks – a possibly regular installment

5 10 2009

What doesn’t revolve around food anyway? So very many things in our world can be brought rushing back just by a smell, or a taste. Recipes are close to the heart, and often protected just as fiercely.

Well, poo. Sharing love only makes it grow. And since food is love in so many ways, I’m calling on the laws of logic to prove that sharing food is… well… sharing the love.

So there. Besides, somebody’s gotta make this stuff.

And send me a roll or two when you do. Call it “commission” for sharing the magic decoder ring. Or Tough Lady will haunt you.


By the way, that’s one pound of Pecans, and 1 Tablespoon of vanilla.

And we looked up “coffee cream” – no it’s not coffeee creamer, nor is it whipping cream, heavy cream, and it’s definitely  not Half and Half either. It’s Light Cream. Look for 18% milkfat on the side. Your candy will be a big runny pile of goo if you try to use anything less than 18% fat. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.




One response

8 10 2009
Mr. Bits

I feel like Homer Simpson. Mmmmmmmmmmm…. Burnt sugar candy……..

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