pie, schmie– let them eat cake

22 10 2009

I’ve never been a big baker, but somehow fall hasn’t really started unless I manage to make some of this.

Hmm. Guess it’s time to get to the store and in the kitchen. Soon.


Ya gotta love the “kissin’ wears out, cookin’ don’t” recipe card. And “mother” is my maternal great grandmother.

because reading book REVIEWS kinda counts, right?

21 10 2009

Shared from a sister I never knew I had until I moved here (who also happens to be a fellow book-clubber). I couldn’t have said it better myself.

From author Laura Griffin…

"Wine a little. You’ll feel better."

For my birthday this year, my husband gave me something sparkly—a T-shirt with this quote scripted across the front in glittery letters above a picture of a wine glass. In return, I gave him a quizzical look.

"You can wear it to Book Club," he explained.

It’s a running joke in our household that my Book Club is actually more of a Wine Club, and I’d do almost anything to avoid missing a meeting. No matter how hectic, how crazy, how upside-down my life feels, I find a way–once every four weeks–to get the kids fed and my husband home early so that I can slip out of the house and meet up with a group of women who have somehow become best friends.

"You read the book this month?" my hubby asks as I race out the door, and I shoot him a look because–as I’ve explained before—that is so not the point.

At Book Club, we talk about books. Sometimes we even talk about the book we’ve been assigned to read. But we also talk about kids, and husbands, and jobs, and mothers-in-law. We exchange potty training tips and jokes about sex. We analyze the economy, and how it affects us personally. We ponder work-life balance, whatever that is. And yes, we drink wine.

Aside from Book Club, we have very little in common, at least on the surface. We are a nightclub singer, a paralegal, a corporate executive, an author, and the list goes on. We are moms and wives and sisters, though not all of us play all of those rolls. We are a diverse group, and our book selections tend to be as varied as we are: "Under the Banner of Heaven," "Choke," "Anna Karenina" (which, I must admit, I didn’t finish), "The Time Traveler’s Wife," a biography of Eric Clapton.

In December, when life gets really hectic, we don’t read a book at all, but meet at a movie theater to see a film based on a book. "Pride and Prejudice" was one of our better picks. "Twilight," not so much. But that’s part of the fun of Book Club–reading or viewing or talking about something new, something you might not have chosen on your own.

I learn a lot from our lively literary discussions. But I learn even more when our talks circle back to the here and now: How is your marriage? How is your boss? What do you do with the kid who pitches a howling fit in the supermarket aisle?

My Book Club–or my Wine Club, as my husband fondly calls it–is my touchstone. It’s my link to other women who are different from me, and yet facing so many similar challenges. My Book Club is the place where I go for laughter and friendship, and even the occasional intellectual discussion.

Are you in a book club? I truly hope so. Because everyone needs a book club. Even when they don’t read the books.

17 again?

17 10 2009

Only now with 20+ years inbetween. OMG, what kind of trouble could we have gotten into if we had cell phones then….

(Yeah, I’m old. So what. Shut yer pie hole and turn up the Michael Jackson and fetch me a freshie! Mwah!)


Tough Lady Cooks – a possibly regular installment

5 10 2009

What doesn’t revolve around food anyway? So very many things in our world can be brought rushing back just by a smell, or a taste. Recipes are close to the heart, and often protected just as fiercely.

Well, poo. Sharing love only makes it grow. And since food is love in so many ways, I’m calling on the laws of logic to prove that sharing food is… well… sharing the love.

So there. Besides, somebody’s gotta make this stuff.

And send me a roll or two when you do. Call it “commission” for sharing the magic decoder ring. Or Tough Lady will haunt you.


By the way, that’s one pound of Pecans, and 1 Tablespoon of vanilla.

And we looked up “coffee cream” – no it’s not coffeee creamer, nor is it whipping cream, heavy cream, and it’s definitely  not Half and Half either. It’s Light Cream. Look for 18% milkfat on the side. Your candy will be a big runny pile of goo if you try to use anything less than 18% fat. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.