miss me? yeah, me too–

17 09 2009

Yep, big hiatus from the blog. As you might imagine, it’s been a whirlwind. And still the beauty and grace is astounding– some stories to come on that later.

But for now, just a few images for grins.


Leeloo just woke up after crossing the Mississippi River– clearly asking “are we there yet”?

Leeloo just crossed the Mississippi River-- are we there yet?


Burn barrels at night– too bad the pink sky didn’t come through on the shot.

Burn barrels


And by day I have the most modern desk and a **worthless** personal assistant— (no thumbs)

personal assistant




4 responses

22 09 2009
Mr. Bits

Love the poochie pics!

22 09 2009

and thank goodness the pyrotechnicians did not come through on the burn barrel shot!

8 12 2009
now that’s one smart doggie « one tough lady lives on

[…] background: my mother had a quick (and ultimately futile) battle with cancer over the summer. At one point in Sept, I ended up spending a solid 2 weeks at her house, just me and my poochie, Leeloo, 900+ miles away […]

22 12 2009
dang, now I’m jonesin’ for fried chicken « one tough lady lives on

[…] for the most part it is a lovely drive, even if your butt is square by the time you get there. Leeloo is a fantastic passenger, and there’s always the chance to grab a little Gus’s Fried Chicken in Memphis on the […]

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