Best coffee, er… TEA mug, ever.

30 09 2009

Along with the funny chicken I brought Momma Lady.



23 09 2009

I sent this to many of you already via email, but as I don’t have addresses for everyone I’m hitting the blog too.

I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I’ve been hard pressed lately to find the words to thank you guys for the support these past few weeks. Means more than you know. Your support and kindnesses have been overwhelming.

Thank you for the thoughts, the prayers, the inquiries.

Thank you for all the emails, voicemails, blog comments, and even text messages of support.

Thank you for the unspoken support and actions behind the scenes.

Thank you for seamlessly taking care of business needs with such short notice.

Thank you for what had to be the most thoughtful care package ever.

Thank you for the cards, flowers, and plants at her funeral.

Thank you for the incredible donation to the Heifer International Project in mother’s name.

Thank you for being her friend, and mine.

Simply, thank you.


Mother and me, ~ 1976.

miss me? yeah, me too–

17 09 2009

Yep, big hiatus from the blog. As you might imagine, it’s been a whirlwind. And still the beauty and grace is astounding– some stories to come on that later.

But for now, just a few images for grins.


Leeloo just woke up after crossing the Mississippi River– clearly asking “are we there yet”?

Leeloo just crossed the Mississippi River-- are we there yet?


Burn barrels at night– too bad the pink sky didn’t come through on the shot.

Burn barrels


And by day I have the most modern desk and a **worthless** personal assistant— (no thumbs)

personal assistant