timing & such

16 08 2009

Dates & times, etc are finalized.

Viewing/visitation: Monday at 6p. Turpin.

Services: Tuesday at 2p. Zion Lutheran. Family gathering prior to services at 11:30a. (Call us for where if you don’t know already.)

Sunday and Monday we’ll be at mother’s house, just dropping in and out.

Everyone’s been asking about what charities. You guys already well know how she couldn’t help but feed people. It’s what she did. With that in mind, we thought these suggestions would fit that spirit: Angel Food Ministries, Heifer International, or any local food bank.

And thanks to all the hens that came out last night. My bones are feeling remarkably strong today.




2 responses

16 08 2009

Thinking about you and your family all weekend. I hope you’re doing ok. I know how very hard this must be for you right now. I’m so glad you have so many family and friends by your side right now. If you have a minute, can you email me the address of the church where the funeral will be? HUGS!

16 08 2009

I see 2 Turpins.. which one is it?

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