Gomer Pyle’s got nuthin’ on us

12 08 2009

Surprise, surprise, surprise——-lots of fantastic surprises today.

First, she’s leaps and bounds more responsive the past 24 hours than she has been in the previous 3 days combined. She’s clearly wanting to communicate, so we’re more than willing to listen to anything she has to say, or more correctly: nod. Granted, this could be a short-term “rally”, we realize that. And let’s not be overly flowery either, she’s not exactly giving a thesis on anything. We’re talking about nods and squeezes and open eyes here, but if she’s willing to give them, we’re riveted to receive them.

Secondly, lots of unexpected visitors from the past. Each one is a unique specialness. Thank you to all of you, you certainly know who you are, and your thoughts/efforts/kindnesses do not go unnoticed, by her, or anyone else.  

By the way, did I already mention how much help it is to have “Dr Cousin” here? Not only do I want to clone her, shrink her down,and carry her in my purse (that’s another story) but she’s the missing piece of the doctor perspective about the signs/symptoms we’re seeing that we’re not getting from anywhere else. Our decisions are still the same, (and still just as flexible according to the needs of the moment) but it means we’re not 100% shooting in the dark and having to rely on danged impersonal websites for info instead of a real live human. Helps more than we can even begin to articulate.

As for tomorrow and beyond, does anyone know if a Hospice floor will accept someone on a ventilator? (They’re asking for us, but figured I’d poll the lot of you, just in case someone already knew the answer and could comment as such.) She’s clearly wanting to stick around a bit and see faces, squeeze hands, etc, but she’s also quite clearly annoyed with THIS much attention, and also wants to rest.

So, one day at a time. (As if there’s any other way, but still.) Stay tuned….




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12 08 2009

talked with stuttgart hospital,Dr there needs to call the hospital here.They can work out hospice. I will be in Dewit today have my cell phone with me call if need to.stuttgart hospital is now baptist health center.870-673-3611. love you all.

22 12 2009
dang, now I’m jonesin’ for fried chicken « one tough lady lives on

[…] relative. (Wow, and that’s a pun in this case.) “Dr. Cousin”. Hands down. She helped us find our voice in the midst of all the hospital chaos, and for that I’m eternally […]

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