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12 08 2009

Comparing the new MRI to the old one (thank heavens I have a copy of the old one on CD WITH me), shows that the cancer really has NOT responded to the full course of radiation nor the 2 chemo’s.

The answer clearly SUCKS, but it makes the decision tree far simpler. (Yeah, I’m grasping at straws for the silver lining here, that’s my best effort.) There’s no need to continue fighting the cancer itself, but rather focus on quality for what she’s got left with much emphasis on comfort care in particular.

The medical team (pulmonology folks, oncology folks, etc) are all working to get her airway stable enough to move her to a hospice area within the hospital, so she’ll be heaps more comfortable and we can all gather around to support her with less restrictions.

Then again, she might be happier without us in her face all the time!




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13 08 2009
Le Marquis

We appreciate your blogs and want you to know that we are thinking about y’all and keeping you in our prayers.
Papa & Sue

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