11 08 2009

Lots of folks gathering today. Us two kids, her sibling, lovey, some close cousins, etc.

I’ve been sitting with her most of the morning.

Picking up lovey at the airport shortly.

Rally: She’s been opening her eyes and squeezing tightly on occasion, slipping in and out, but fighting like hell to focus & SEE me when she does have those brief moments. She’s so tired of that tube. Beyond tired.

Physical status: vitals ok I guess. BP somewhat low, resp rate low enough that "cruise control" on vent is kicking in, HR kinda racing then slower, urine now pale lemon yellow but decent output, neck swelling still same. The steroids still making her puffy too, but we all know she could just look at a piece of bacon or a potato chip and she’s puff up & swell.

The nurses were letting me stay past visiting hours, but there was a code in the room 2 doors down so all non-medical staff are out of there for now. I just hope that the sounds of that don’t upset her. Better yet, I hope she doesn’t even hear it.

I want the clock to move faster to get everyone here. But I selfishly want it to hold still too. Time’s a bitch.




4 responses

11 08 2009

Squeezes from Chicago.

11 08 2009

Tough road you guys are on… hang in there. Bev and I are thinking about you.

11 08 2009

we’re with you in spirit. hang in there. glad you have lovey by your side now. smooches and hugs.

14 08 2009

All the best from Charlotte…

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