the *mystery* post from Saturday

10 08 2009

It’s been pointed out that the draft post from Saturday that I thought had accidentally gotten posted actually didn’t. But because I referred to it on Sunday, you guys are wondering what I’m talking about. Well, wonder no more. It’s not all that exotic, but I may as well fill in the blanks just the same. The below is from Saturday the 8th.


The title of the original post was “no judgments, just symptoms”. Here it is:

Less squirming. Not picking at her bed linens (or “straightening them”?) like she was before.

uber relaxed, hard to wake

Eyes open when we move her, but otherwise not. Don’t think she really sees us then, more of a reflex

Cold hands/feet. Swollen, but that’s not a-typical for her.

respiration rate is down to 12, so the “cruise control” of the ventilator will kick in at 12. Usually she’s at 14 to 18.

BP is lower, at 101/53. (It’s been 150/100+ previously)

HR good at 98. Oxygen sat still good at 98%.

Temp slightly high for her, at 98.1 (she typically runs cold–  in the 96.8 range as her normal)

Dark urine – like strong tea. Output quantity OK, but the low side of OK.

Neck swelling about the same.




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